Tim Jones

I had the pleasure of working with Aaron for a year and a half at Aurea / Trilogy, where he was a VP of Solutions Marketing. Together we worked on a wide range of legacy and newly acquired SaaS businesses in our portfolio of companies. Aaron led the development of some really exciting Generative AI-based features and services that added a lot of value for our customers. He excelled at taking patterns that worked for one business and applying them to another; and then collaborating with remote sales, operations, finance, and engineering teams to drive those projects forward.

In his role, Aaron led countless interviews with customers. I was always impressed at his ability to extract valuable insights from these interviews, and apply them to our product vision and roadmaps.

A big part of his job was developing pricing strategies for our products. He really excelled at analyzing customer profitability, simplifying our pricing models, and providing clear justification for his decisions. When implemented, these pricing strategies increased both top line revenue and overall margin.

Behind his technical skills, he’s always been a team player. He’s willing to take on any task and give it his all.

To sum it up, Aaron was a great asset to our team; and any future employer would be lucky to have him on theirs!