Elaine C., Ph.D.

As project liaison for my University, I can definitely say that Aaron transformed the product development process. Progress had stalled until Aaron was hired as a consultant by the software development start-up that is partnering with my school to build a unique set of faculty management tools. Their goal is to offer this platform to colleges across the country.

Higher Ed administrators can be difficult to please, especially when change is required in adopting a new tool. Aaron stepped in and quickly got up to speed on the issues blocking the development process and that threatened to disrupt the adoption and implementation of this platform. He helped us come up with a better design and more efficient way of meeting the needs of a diverse group of University users.

I’d like to point out a few of the skills that have helped him succeed in this project…

  • a positive and inclusive approach to working with all stakeholders
  • innovative ideas for solving problems in the product’s design
  • combining product management and development skills with a keen eye for go-to-market strategies
  • leading from within an already established team without ruffling anyone’s feathers

If the scope of the project expands, I would love to have Aaron continue to drive the product development and rollout process. His contributions are immeasurable.