Aaron Kvitek

Strategic Market Analysis. Competitive Positioning. Messaging Narratives.
From American Express to Bootstrapped Start-ups


The VISION to see opportunities when others see barriers.


The LEADERSHIP skills to inspire passion, collaboration and execution.


The RESULTS orientation to hold myself and others accountable.

Analytical. Creative. Entrepreneurial.

Driving collaborative innovation with the poise of an experienced leader. Listening. Learning. Earning trust.



Analyzing the competitive landscape to identify pockets of opportunity. Translating into product and messaging initiatives.


Identifying insights on buyer personas, journeys, and pain points. Incorporating into value matrix that underpins messaging.


Crafting compelling, fresh, and targeted messaging that generates leads, drives conversions, and maximizes customer retention.


Leveraging data analytics to inform decisions, measure performance, and optimize plans.


Empowering sales teams with collateral materials, selling tools, and message delivery coaching.


Generating leads by optimizing website content, email campaigns, social media, explainer videos, tradeshows, PR, and more.



Defining vision based on evolving market trends and aligning goals and initiatives to support that vision.


Managing process frameworks, timelines, task assignments, and priorities to meet the highest quality bars.


Facilitating innovation and stakeholder alignment by building a culture of collaboration and inclusion.


Ensuring everyone in the organization understands their role in shaping, promoting, and reinforcing the brand experience.


Formulating budgets and forecasts based on bottoms-up understanding of what it takes to achieve KPI objectives.


Respected coach providing vision and tools to succeed. Clear roles and measurable goals. Motivational sense of humor.

Aaron’s Short List of Best Practices

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Praise for Performance


Aaron Kvitek


Extensive experience developing and executing go-to-market strategies in companies ranging in size from American Express to eCommerce start-ups.

Specializing in B2B SaaS product marketing, including market analysis, competitive positioning, and crafting messaging narratives that drive results. Listener. Learner. Leader.

A few of the skills contributing to my success in a variety of roles and industries:

  • Building trust and collaboration. Asking, listening, and learning is always step 1 for me when starting a new role.
  • Market Analysis. In-depth competitive assessments, persona development, pain/gain mapping, product roadmap.
  • Go-To-Market Planning. Targeting, unique value propositions, messaging, pricing strategies, performance metrics.
  • Generative AI. Leveraging ChatGPT for data insights. Identifying use cases for integrating genAI into products.
  • Branding. Shaping, promoting, and reinforcing brand stories and experiences for mature as well as new products.
  • Sales Enablement. ISR and SDR training. Impactful collateral. CRM insights. KPI-based goal setting and incentive plans.
  • Content Creation. Producing compelling content for sales collateral, websites, videos, digital ads, etc.
  • Lead Generation. Driving MQLs through SEO, SEM, email campaigns, social media, tradeshows, and PR initiatives.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making. Utilizing analytics to guide strategic choices, set KPIs, and ensure accountability.
  • Employee Empowerment. Respected coach providing vision and tools to succeed. Motivational sense of humor.
  • Global Readiness. Understanding of cultural and business differences. Extensive global business travel.
  • Entrepreneurial. Outside-the-box thinking that drives innovation and inspires passion to succeed. Wearing many hats.
  • Problem Solver. Strategic, analytical thinker with creative edge. Action-oriented. Self-starter.
  • Transferable Skills. Demonstrated ability to excel in new roles and industries, quickly contributing meaningful impact.


Apr 2020 – Present

VP Solutions Marketing
Aurea Software (part of ESW Capital) – El Segundo, California (remote)

Elevating the product positioning, messaging, and pricing strategies for acquired B2B SaaS companies using a structured framework for gathering and analyzing buyer and market insights. Facilitating cross-functional input and alignment on all marketing, sales, support, and product development initiatives. Integrating ChatGPT into the GTM planning framework.

  • Conducting buyer interviews to identify persona characteristics and pains.
  • Analyzing market trends and competitive landscape.
  • Translating buyer and market insights into compelling value proposition messaging and product roadmaps.
  • Developing pitch decks, landing pages, emails, ads, explainer videos, one-sheets, and knowledge base articles.
  • Training sales reps on messaging and product specifications. Grading recordings of live demos and providing ongoing coaching.

Some of the products worked on:

  • Influitive.com (customer advocacy-building platform)
  • PostBeyond.com (employee advocacy-building platform)
  • Kayako.com (customer service platform)
  • JiveSoftware.com (employee engagement platform)
  • Bonzai-intranet.com (intranet for SharePoint)
  • DNNsoftware.com (content management system)
  • Alertfind.com (employee emergency notification system)
  • InsideSales.com (sales playbook optimization platform)
  • Cloudfix.com (AWS cost optimization tool)

Jan 2019 – Mar 2020

Product Management Consultant
Stealth EdTech SaaS Start-Up, El Segundo, California (remote)
Hired to restart the stalled product development process for a university faculty planning and budgeting SaaS solution. Rebuilt relations with the sponsoring administrators at a major California university. Established a structured process for identifying faculty planning workflow inefficiencies and user needs. Prepared and presented pitch deck that helped secure two additional rounds of seed financing.

  • Interviewed target users and translated requirements into product roadmap, UI/UX wireframes, and technical specifications for developers.
  • Created regional and nationwide go-to-market plans that included pricing, sales, marketing and PR strategies.
  • Drafted executive summary, financial forecast, and pitch deck for VC presentations.

Jul 2015 – Dec 2018

Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing
Trellian.com – Los Angeles, California

Introduced structured approach for analyzing market threats and opportunities that resulted in first-ever B2B marketing and sales enablement plan for 13-year-old Trellian.com ad network and Above.com website traffic monetization business units. Trained and supervised on-site and remote marketing and sales teams. Modernized brand image.

  • Analyzed buyer pains and competitor solutions. Identified product enhancement and positioning opportunities.
  • Lead generation initiatives involved new website design/content, tradeshow sponsorships and booths, segmented email marketing, social media campaigns, explainer videos, and press releases.
  • Created sales collateral and pitch decks. Selected and configured Hubspot CRM to manage leads and prospects.
  • New and re-activated client accounts produced average annual growth rate of over 80%.

Nov 2013 – Jun 2015

Chief Marketing Officer
Endurance BioBarrier – El Segundo, California (remote)

Identified B2B and B2C go-to-market strategies for new, non-toxic mold and mildew prevention spray that significantly outlasted other products. Authored business plan, including P&L forecast, for this bootstrapped start-up.

  • Conducted consumer and commercial market research to develop competitive positioning strategies.
  • Copy writing and creative direction for print ads, brochures, flyers, product labels, social media, and explainer videos.
  • Sales enablement including training, collateral development, RFP deck preparation, and setup of Pipeline CRM tool for lead management.
  • UI/UX design and content development for new WordPress e-commerce site at www.GuaranteedMoldPrevention.com.
  • Developed household mold survey for TV’s DIY Network. Results confirmed strong “intent to buy” for this unique mold product and revealed competitive positioning angle.
  • Provided content and samples to influential home improvement bloggers whose reviews doubled sales at Amazon.
  • Drafted the RFP for Home Depot that resulted in getting approval for 4 SKUs to be posted for sale on their website.
  • Amazon product descriptions produced off-the-chart conversion rates over 20%.

Dec 2013 – Mar 2014

Business Plan Consultant
DomainsCon – El Segundo, California (remote)

Created business plan for the founder of a new conference series intending to help marketing executives and online entrepreneurs explore the branding opportunities associated with the new “online real estate” hitting the market in 2014 in the form of domain names available in over 1,400 new dot extensions such as .ai, .io, and .club.

Aug 2013 – Oct 2013

Brand Consultant
Confidential Client – Los Angeles, California

Developed marketing plan to rebuild brand credibility and reverse 5 year decline in revenue for 40 year-old company.

  • Plans included new initiatives in SEO, PPC, retargeting, social media, website UI/UX and yellow page marketing.

2007 – Jul 2013

VP Corporate Marketing & Communications
Los Angeles, California

Developed B2B and B2C marketing and sales initiatives designed to acquire market share and prevent churn. Participated in CEO’s weekly executive team meetings, providing input on business unit brand building and product roadmap initiatives.

  • For consumer travel and finance business units, compelling new landing pages, content strategies, and SEM strategies increased email subscribers from 200,000 to nearly 5 million members.
  • Increased DomainSponsor AdSense business to include monetization of 6 million websites with 250M unique visitors.
  • General Manager of the DomainFest Global Conference series designed to enrich the brand experience for DomainSponsor clients and convert prospects. Hired marquee fireside speakers such as Steve Wozniak (Apple founder), Bob Parsons (GoDaddy founder), Tony Hsieh (Zappos Founder), and Biz Stone (Twitter Co-founder). Developed innovative educational programming and networking activities. Produced year-over-year increases in attendance and sponsor revenue. Managed $2M annual budget.
  • Provided training to sales and marketing staff in new European office. Six consecutive quarters of growth above goals.
  • Asked by new CEO for insights on reshaping corporate vision, setting strategic priorities, and improving company culture.

2005 – 2007

World Shoes & Accessories (Acquired by Advanstar then by UBM Fashion)
VP Marketing
Encino, California

Developed re-branding strategies to facilitate transition from a non-profit trade association to a for-profit service provider of news magazines and tradeshows that connect manufacturers with retail buyers.

  • Produced new logo, website, and advertising design elements to support a more modern brand image.
  • Revamped service offerings and value propositions to justify significant news magazine ad rates and tradeshow prices for manufacturers.
  • Created first-ever marketing and sales enablement plans. Obtained approval for $4M annual budget. Conversion rates exceeded goal by 50%.
  • Designed new CRM database structure to facilitate data mining.
  • Developed specifications for website overhaul project. Screened, hired, and supervised design and development vendors.
  • Created plans for a new, truly innovative 24/7 “online trade-show” that leveraged social networking to connect attendees and exhibitors before and after the semi-annual tradeshows.

2001 – 2005

Co-founder & VP Marketing, Sales & Operations
Santa Monica, California

Produced and executed integrated marketing, sales, PR and brand building plans utilizing combination of online and offline channels targeting promotional product distributors and consumers. Designed unique UI/UX for online shoppers looking for innovative golf equipment solutions and gifts.

  • Patented a unique golf tool praised by editors of promotional marketing magazines. Featured on ABC TV News.
  • Increased the number of promotional product distributor reps selling the patented golf tool from zero to 5,000 in first 18 months.

2000 – 2001

Co-founder & Vice President, Product Management
Santa Monica, California

Created specifications for online local merchant rating SaaS platform for yellow page websites years before web 2.0 user-generated content became the rage. Surveyed consumers and local merchants to identify needs and concerns.

1990 – 2000

American Express Prepaid Stored Value Group
Worldwide sales of $27B in travelers cheques and gift cheques distributed via financial institutions and travel agencies.

1998 – 2000
Los Angeles, CA

(1998 – 2000) Head of Special Projects
Los Angeles, California

Led global team of top performing colleagues on special assignment to find ways to increase share of wallet against cash and credit cards. Chief liaison with consultants from The Monitor Group. Reported to division president.

  • First year net income benefit estimated at 50% above project goal.

1996 – 1998
Los Angeles, CA

(1996 – 1998) Sr. Director, International Market Management
Los Angeles, California

General management duties included hiring, training, goal setting and performance improvement plans for regional general managers, sales teams, and business analysts. Produced regional marketing and sales enablement plans and growth goals. Reported to EVP International Marketing and Sales. Prepared and presented international KPI’s and growth strategy updates at division President’s executive team meetings.

  • Hired, trained, and developed team of 9 marketing, business analysis, and sales enablement managers across all international markets who had total of 10 direct reports.
  • Acquired $1.8B, $1.9B, and $1.6B of market share in 1996, 1997 and 1998, exceeding aggressive goals each year.

1994 – 1996
Frankfurt, Germany

(1994 – 1996) Director, International Market Planning & Development
Frankfurt, Germany

Established European head office for this division. Developed first-ever integrated marketing, sales, operations, and technology plans. Overcame resistance to change. Spearheaded distribution partner account based marketing (ABM) plans.

  • Increased market share by 13% in 1995 after six consecutive years of stagnation. Employee and distribution partner satisfaction scores also improved in 1995 despite 10% reduction in sales and support staff.

1990 – 1994
Chicago, IL

(1990 – 1994) Sr. Manager, Market Planning & Development
Chicago, Illinois

Created first-ever regional business plan which resulted in delegation of marketing, sales, budgeting and general management decision-making out of New York HQ and into the hands of regional GM. Designed new CRM system that fed the sales team with account profitability data in order to help them prioritize time and resources.

  • Exceeded aggressive goals each year in sales and net income plus distribution partner acquisition and retention.
  • Voted as one of only ten worldwide winners of the division’s Sales Support Excellence award in 1993.


Kellogg School of Management – Northwestern University – Evanston, Illinois
M.B.A. with concentrations in Strategic Planning, Finance and Information Technology. Graduated with honors.

Northwestern University – Evanston, Illinois
B.S. in Industrial Engineering and Management Science.

DePaul University – Chicago, Illinois
Completed 50% of coursework required for Masters degree in Family Therapy before being promoted and transferred to Germany with American Express. My goal in pursuing this degree was to improve my ability to manage group dynamics and resistance to change within the workplace.

Give Your GTM Plans A Caffeine Boost



There are many reasons! But here are three that set me apart from other candidates…

  1. Adaptability. I’ve produced and executed successful product marketing strategies for a wide range of products and industries.
  2. Passion. I absolutely love the challenge of keeping a finger on the pulse of market trends and aligning organizational strategies and resources accordingly in order to find ways to win.
  3. Teamwork. When stepping into any new role, my #1 goal is to earn trust by asking, listening, learning, and rolling up my sleeves to find ways to contribute. Not only does this approach help me build bridges, but it also helps me build the kind of cross-functional communication and teamwork needed to develop and execute the most effective initiatives.

Let’s meet to discuss how I can help achieve your goals.


Let’s talk about your challenges and how I can help achieve your goals.

I Pledge To Deliver...


  • To see opportunities when others see barriers.
  • To see through marketplace noise in order to find compelling competitive advantages.
  • To recognize when business goals and objectives need to be reshaped in order to be more relevant and actionable.
  • To recognize and act upon the organizational changes needed to achieve success.


  • To translate Vision into action.
  • To be a mentor, motivator, and go-to problem solver.
  • To create a can-do culture based on teamwork, communication and outside-the-box thinking.
  • To earn and keep the trust and respect of customers, employees, vendors and investors.


  • To hold myself, my staff, my colleagues and my vendors accountable for delivering on commitments.
  • To introduce new ways of measuring performance when needed in order to enhance decision-making and sharpen organizational focus.
  • To empower employees to succeed by providing a full understanding of the mission and their individual and team roles.